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ÔBAXÉ_MUSIC - pure sound



...there are moments in the life of an artist when you are confronted with things which touch you and bypass all your filters. the photographies of claudia henzler were such a "shock" for me - her way to make pictures, with an incredible tactfulness & high sensitivity.

especially her pictures about srebrenica has profoundly affected me and brought out the memory of the time of the balkan war.

the absurdity inherent in every war, fanaticism, cruelty ... the same just like those of the nazi regime.


at the same time, the inability of the world and especially of europe and the united nations to intervene -

we watched this war in the tv-news, which took place a few hundred kilometers from us.


that time i often asked myself whether we are all making exactly the same "mistake" of looking away - as it is sometimes criticized for the generation of our grandparents ...


... when I saw the pictures of claudia henzler i immediately felt the impulse to compose a music for it ... contribute in my own way a tiny part of

curing this still open wounds.

not to forget, not to look the other way, not to remain silent.

as a sign of recognition of the victims -

srebrenica is an example for many massacres.


this music is dedicated to the people who were killed there - and those who live with the genocide today. and to those who strive for humanity.


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