ÔBAXÉ_MUSIC - pure sound



The basic philosophy of Ôbaxé_Percussion_School is the

profound teaching of different musical styles.

I don't offer "drums in 3 days courses" but I give you the

possibility to dive really deep and persistent  into the matter

and to have the time for that.


The learning process is holistic and involves different levels:


- Training of body awareness

- Learn to feel rhythms at different levels

- Integration of language level

- Training of motoric skills

- Getting known to the elements which rhythms consist of

- Analysis of the structure and the effect of different rhythms

- Different cultures and their respective rhythmic "Feeling"


The current offer of courses:


- African rhythms of the Malinké (for percussionists with some   


  Wednesday 19h-20:30 ARGEkultur Salzburg


- Congas focusing on Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms

  Thursday 18h45-20h15 (beginners & intermediate level)

  Thursday 20h30-22h (advanced)


Registration at Bernie Rothauer

+43 (0) 650 5365274

or e-mail:





In planning:


- Course for Afro-Cuban rhythms of religion Santería

  the ritual Batá drums


- Course for rhythms of Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé


- The method of "ȏbaxé system", which was developed by Bernie,

  the training of motoric independence. So you learn to play

  different rhythm patterns simultaneously


For further information please contact me!