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ôbaxé_arts - sensual pics


...there are some critical things in the area of "sensual photography".

nude photography - because of lack of experience - stays with a lot of clichés regarding the relationship between the photographer and the model.

therefore it is important to me to speak about this subject here.

supreme rule in a shooting is the respectful interaction with each other.

this includes, especially when it comes to the topic of "sensuality",

the respectful distance between the photographer and his model

on an erotic / sexual level.

it's about the artistic implementation of sensuality and not about sex -

any form of approach at this level would be sexual harassment

and therefore punishable.

apart from this it is important to set up trust in the shooting situation -

because this will be the best base for a good working relationship

and can originate beautiful pictures.

for me this is the best base for beautiful, enriching meeting

on a human, artistic and creative level.

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