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ôbaxé_arts - sensual pics


"It was great to work with you.

Very pleasant, funny and totally relaxed."

Nicolette S., Model

"It was an amazing shoot ...

I have been warmly welcomed and

have felt right at home.

Bernie is a great very dear photographer -

and, above all, a kind person.

You can see his love for art and his

sense of beautiful, feminine images.

He knows to handle with light very well

and works professionally. A great experience ...

not only as a "model";)"

Betty van Core, Model

"It was the first time that a man made

sensual photos from me, I was a bit nervous about it...

but Bernie's careful view and his attentive nature

calmed me immediately and helped me to

feel safe and secure in front of the camera. was like he would draw a painting from me....

a very special experience....

...the pictures - I can hardly get enough to look at them,

they are so beautiful...

now I have a new picture of myself,

in many new facets that I

previously did not know about me ... "

Verena Aziz, Photographer, Model

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