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Bernie Rothauer has published his first textbook - the "Ôbaxé System".

It is about Afro-Cuban rhythms. The "meta-goal" of the book is to learn how Afro-Cuban rhythms that are usually played in the traditional context by 3-4 percusionists, can be "summarized" in one person. It is used in addition pedals, so you play the instruments

like a drum set.

The Ôbaxé system provides over 100,000 possible exercises that train

the motoric independence.

You learn how to analyze Afro-Cuban rhythms, and then to transmit them

to the Ôbaxé System.

The Ôbaxé System includes over 300 video clips with individual exercises (e.g. left hand and right foot) and the rhythms in their "entire version". In addition, there is always also a version of the rhythms that can be played only with the hands.


The Ôbaxé-System on Youtube:







Video 1

Video 2

Please visit the website about the Ôbaxé-System:





The Ôbaxé system is available as a digital download in ôbaxé_music webshop.
There you can find also a free package to get known to the method:





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