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"With this book Bernie Rothauer transfers the Afro-Cuban rhythms,

with a lot of depth, transparency, and an insight into the spiritual

dimension of this tradition.He builds a bridge from the traditional shape

of this drum-culture to the experience of the initial rhythm energy,

which may be healing power in its essence for all people.

We wish a lot of readers to the book."

Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler (founders of the TaKeTiNa-Method)



„Hi Bernie. I like your book and I think it will help lots of people.”

Airto Moreira


„With great devotion Bernie Rothauer dedicated himself to the universe

of Cuban rhythms. In a very generous, informative, detailed way

he now shares some of his studies with us.

So he takes us to another path which leads us to understanding

and enjoying the Cuban rhythms and polyrhythmic their richness.

A great book.Congratulations for this extraordinary contribution."

Dudu Tucci


„This book opens up access to the Cuban rhythms.

It conveys and explains how the different rhythms of Cuba,

among others the origin of Santería.It also brings people who have

never been to Cuba closer to the Cuban rhythms.

It is valuable and interesting for anyone who wants to get known to the

Cuban Culture by the Cuban rhythms.

This book is like a trip to Cuba, a trip to the Cuban rhythms,

a trip to the rhythms of Latin America."





Bernie Rothauer has published his first textbook - the "Ôbaxé System".

It is about Afro-Cuban rhythms. The "meta-goal" of the book is to learn how Afro-Cuban rhythms that are usually played in the traditional context by 3-4 percusionists, can be "summarized" in one person. It is used in addition pedals, so you play the instruments like a drum set.

The Ôbaxé system provides over 100,000 possible exercises that train the motoric independence. You learn how to analyze Afro-Cuban rhythms, and then to transmit them to the Ôbaxé System. The Ôbaxé System includes over 300 video clips with individual exercises (e.g. left hand and right foot) and the rhythms in their "entire version".

In addition, there is always also a version of the rhythms that can be played

only with the hands.


WHY I WROTE THE ÔBAXÈ-SYSTEM? a musician by mission with heart, soul and passion I'm on my way to delve deeper into the matter, absorb the energy, integrate it, develop it inside and let it grow ... to become more and more what you are doing. With the "Ôbaxé- System" I want to open a new and very holistic perspective on how you can work with rhythms.



The idea for the "Ôbaxé-System" arose by my concerning with Cuban rhythms

for the drumset - by the experiment to replace the drums by Conga-drums and bells a completely new way of playing was generated -

which will be presented in this book.

For 25 years, I am dealing with Afro-Cuban music -

in form of Salsa, Son, Silvio Rodriguez, ...

But most important and fascinating for me were always two special topics:

Rumba and the music of the Afro-Cuban religion Santería.

These two areas is therefore given special attention in Ôbaxé system.



In the "Ôbaxé-System" there are a lot of videos (more than 300) -

a variety of exercises / combinations, full rhythmic patterns etc.

Why video?

Video provides

- auditory information (melody, feeling, sounds, etc.)- visual orientation:

  The camera was positioned above the head, ie, you see exactly the image of

  the drums and your hands & feet, just like in the real playing situation

- for each rhythm different basic exercises are shown which are

  intended for playing along



The "Ôbaxé-System" consists of different parts:

- Introduction: For whom, why, origin, the "Cuban Feeling" rhythm and 

  language, technique

- Independence: The motoric independence (hands & feet) is built up step by

  step, it is the basis for playing the rhythms

- Typical Cuban: 3 of the most important figures of the Afro-Cuban rhythms

  (Cascara, Clave, 12/8 Bell)

- Popular rhythms

- Rhythms of the Santería

- The border between 3- and 4-rhythms- Rhythm and shamanism / trance



A small tour through the "Ôbaxé-System". Please click on the pages to enlarge



Inhaltsverzeichnis 1
Inhaltsverzeichnis 2
Inhaltsverzeichnis 3
Trommeln & Schamanismus
3er & 4er-Rhythmen - der Grenzbereich
Cascara & Clave
Für wen ist das Ôbaxé-System?



The "Ôbaxé-System" is available as a digital download in the ôbaxé_music webshop.

There you can find a package for free to get known to the book





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