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ÌLÙ ÀRÁ - groove music from west-africa, cuba & brazil



ÌLÙ ÀRÁ featuring GUEM in Oval, 03/04/2016


On this evening we welcome one of the most wonderful, most experienced and most amiable percussionist on stage :GUEM, the "man with the golden hands "Many years ago GUEM was the first in Europe to made ​​pure percussion recordings. His transparent, uncomplicated and very danceable compositions made ​​him famous. This evening we will accompany him with ÌLÙ ÀRÁ in some of his compositions, and we are looking forward to this meeting!




...soul_dance is developing and reaches more and more people ... and the resonance is wonderful. As musicians we learn a lot and we enjoy it every time! The participants behave very fine and attentive to each other and enjoy the room at soul_dance in very different ways, from very quiet to very lively ...


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