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ARCOIRIS - music from Brazil & Cuba

CD "Obrigado Brazil"

"Obrigado" means "thank you" - and that is what we express on this CD in a musical way - our thanks to the richness, the beauty and the power inherent in the Brazilian culture and what is given to us in its music - full of charm, power, passion, and life...

...sometimes really cool - but that's what you see anyway when listening. We would particularly like to thank the

musical guests in our opus:


Fanny Nunes-Campos - Gesang

Pit Weininger - Gitarre, Cavaquinho

Manfred Wambacher - Saxofone

Yella Schwarzer - Gesang

Hubert Kellerer - Akkordeon


You can order "Obrigado Brazil" here (€15 & shipping)


...or download in MP3

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